Alyson had sampled life as an adventurer, voice-over actor, ad copywriter and set decorator, before finding her way back to her true talents as an artist. These talents had been discouraged and deemed worthless by harmful parental prognostications that she would never make a living at it. 

Alyson began to question and defy these false beliefs, choosing to backtrack the error and basically re-parent herself from the ground up. Part of this important process was to be brutally honest with herself about who she really was. This healthy defiance led her to a different path that would change her life.

After developing her skills through computer graphics training, Alyson went on to study advanced digital imaging at UCLA, which unleashed her natural creative nature in ways she couldn’t imagine. For 30 years she owned and operated of an award winning graphic design business where she utilized her artistic talents and writing skills for the benefit of her many appreciative clients. Here are some samples of her work:

“Childhood abuse and neglect
doesn’t have to be a life sentence.”

~Alyson Kay

Future Plans

After 30 years, Alyson will now be transitioning into a new phase of her life where she can concentrate her energies and focus on writing books, articles and creating art on related topics.

With her work, Alyson hopes to help and encourage others from similar circumstances, not only to recognize and overcome their issues and emotional complexities, but also to ultimately free themselves from a childhood of chaos and buried pain to be able to fully live the life they were meant to live. 

Alyson's mission is to advocate for "a return to one’s authentic self,” a process for living a life with as much conscious awareness of one’s true nature as possible. In other words…to know thyself.